Crime Never Pays- Chapter 2 

I led the rest of my team to an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city.

"Wait here, I’ll call if Criss is in here"

They all shook their heads as I went into the house. As I went through all I could see was empty rooms and left over tables and chairs. It wasn’t until I hit the living room that I saw the fireplace burning and a shadow up against the pillar. As I walked closer to it I heard a voice.

"Its good to see you again Special Agent Miller, Its been what four years?"

"Yeah, give or take, you were so close to being free Darren why did you do it?"

Darren was very hesitate, “I just needed to see someone again”

"And did you get to see that someone?"

"Yeah… I did"

I don’t know what he was up to but he wasn’t his usual self

"You armed?"

"You know the answer to that question…"

"Found Criss…move in" I said in the walkie. Once finished Darren stood up and looked towards me. he noticed something on my jacket. He tried pulling it off but I resisted he put his hands up in the open and tried again.

"I’m taking you’ve been on other cases?"

"Yeah had to keep myself busy since I didn’t have to chase your ass"

Darren laughed

"No Leads?"

"All dead ends… wait why am I even telling you this…?"

"Because I know what they were trying to do" Darren said as he showed me some form of fiber that was on my jacket.

"Oh yeah and what is that?"

"If I tell you will you promise to come see me in one month."

I looked at him with curiosity.

"One month… please"

"Alright deal"

"Its a fiber for the new Canadian 100.00 dollar bill"

My eyes widen as I took the fiber from his hands. Right as I did my team came in and apprehended Darren. Just as he was being taken away he reminded me.

"One Month"

I left to go back to the office. I wanted to know how Darren figured out what that fiber was or even if he was telling the truth.



"I need you to run a test on this fiber and tell me what you find."

"On it Boss"


"Looks like Criss was right boss… it was a fiber from the new Canadian Bill"

"Son of a bitch…"

"Whats wrong boss?"

"Nothing… Just looks like I owe someone a visit"

I’m Back


Crime Never Pays- chapter 1 

Jones and the rest of the team met me over at the prison. I couldn’t help but wonder why Darren escaped so close to his release date. There was a clear motive and I just wasn’t sure that motive was just yet.

"Special Agent Miller" The head of security sad as I snapped out of it.

"Yes"  I said as we shook hands. "can you tell me what happened?"

"Security searched all around his cell but we saw nothing. We’re thinking he had help from the outside"

"Do you think we can look at the surveillance tapes from his cell"


He ended up taking us to the video room. I sat down and started to look through all the tapes, tracking them all the way back to when he first got there. I paused the video.

" They aren’t allowed to shave while they’re in here are they?"

"No, why?"

"Then I may just have found out how he got out"

I pointed to the clearly shaven Darren

"Somehow he found a way to shave. Nobody would have known the wiser. So this is who we are looking for now."

I got up from the chair and headed outside to debrief my team about my new findings. I lifted up the picture to my team.

"This is who we are looking for. Darren Criss, 5’5, is is newly shaven and out again and we need to catch and stop him. Diana and Jones I want you to take a few men and head to the airport or any place he might try to make a run for it. As for the rest of you follow me. I might have a hunch on where Criss might be."

Everyone just looked at each other.

"remember call for back-up if you spot him. Alright lets go catch ourselves a criminal"

We all disbursed and I headed to my car knowing exactly where Darren was going to be.


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Darren’s 27th Birthday!

Since there is about 2 weeks left until Darren’s 27th Birthday there has been a group card that was started to write your birthday Messages to Darren.

You can sign the card Here:

Lets all wish Darren the happiest of Birthdays!

Crime Never Pays- Prologue

Darren Criss was the most wanted criminal in New York. It was up to me to bring him in. I’m special Agent Miller of the FBI’s White collar division. I was lucky enough to be the first female to be placed in this position by one Agent Peter Burke. He has taught me everything I know. For the past three years it has been my job to bring Darren Criss to justice in handcuffs. Finally after years of searching and fighting to find him I got him. It was tough and it was long. However, I’m just glad I got him when I did. He is almost done serving a four year sentence for his crime. As for me I went onto a different case or so I thought….

I was working on paperwork when one of my partners came in..

"Jones.." I said as I signaled him to sit down.

"Boss we have a problem." he said as he cleared his throat.

"What is it Jones?"

"He escaped."

I stopped everything I was doing, “What?!”

"Criss escaped"

I jumped out of my chair and grabbed my coat.

"Jones grab the rest of the team and meet me at the prison Criss was kept at"

Jones shook his head and off we both went.

Crime Never Pays Synopsis

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A/U Darren Criss is the most wanted criminal in New York. You are a Special Agent in the FBI White Collar division. After three years of searching you finally catch Criss. It has been almost four years since catching him and its been quite the ride for you since capturing him. He is finally getting ready to be released, until something happens that you never would have expected.

So what do you guys think?

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Writers Block

So after finishing For The Longest Time I am kind of at a stand still with coming up with a new story. If you have an idea of what Darren/you story you want to see me write send me an ask Also Put your name as well there will be something New I do with my stories that will be a surprise.

For The Longest Time- Epilogue

Things forever changed that night. I ended up moving to Los Angeles and retired from Ice skating. It was quite the change, however I got use to it pretty quickly and that was all thanks to Darren.

After getting all settled in. Darren thought it would be a goof idea to go back to Chicago to visit the family. The first night we were there Darren surprised me in front of my entire family.

" [Your Name] we have been through quite the journey together and I know there is no one else I rather spend the rest of my life with than you"

I got weak at the knees as Darren went down on one knee. I heard my family getting excited.

"[Your Full Name] Will you do the honor of becoming my wife… will you marry me..?"

I looked at Darren and began to shake my head

"Yes… Yes Darren I will marry you"

My entire family went nuts as Darren got up and put the ring on my finger. I smiled and Darren lifted me up and spun me around. Once he put me down I gave him the most passionate kiss I could ever give him.

Later on that year, my family with the help of Darren planned the most beautiful wedding I had ever seen. It was just perfect. Walking down the isle seeing Darren’s smile was all I needed. It was a wonderful ceremony and we shared it with the ones we loved.

After we got married, we started our own little family and we had two beautiful children a boy and a girl. Getting the chance to start a family with Darren was most important to me.

Now to the present, both Darren and I ended up becoming instructors. Darren is working with children on a more musical aspect. Teaching the kids including our son to play instruments, and sing. and I am currently and Ice skating instructor for the young girls in our community including our own daughter.  She absolutely Loves it. I guess you can say its in her blood.

While watching her skate I saw a lot of myself in her. The first time I put skates on, my first competition and then everything that happened during my qualifier accident. If that accident didn’t happen though I  would never have been where I am with Darren though and we wouldn’t have our wonderful family. In that moment I realized that everything came full circle for me. I realized that skating is still a part of who I am, but now its just in a different way. Let me tell you I don’t regret a single thing about it. 

For The Longest Time- Part 32

I ran right into the bathroom. Darren was right behind me so I knew I couldn’t get anywhere else.

"Got you!" Darren said with a smile on his face.

Darren walked closer to me as he did he took off his shirt and threw it on the ground.  He then came up right next to me and began kissing me as he did he took off both my dress and bra. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he took me into the shower. Darren turned on the water as I kept a hold of him. Once that water hit us it felt like ice. Darren pushed me slightly against the shower wall. His lips ran down my neck and all the way down to my stomach. I moaned a little bit each time he did that. The more I moaned the more Darren did it. He did it more intense than ever. I kept messing with his hair ever chance I could. Once we were done in the shower I raced into his bed and covered myself with the sheets. All I could hear was Darren’s footsteps getting closer and closer.

"Where can [Your name] be?"

I tried my hardest not to laugh. Just as I let out a little noise Darren pulled the sheets away.

"Gotcha" he said just before I pulled him in for a kiss.

"So you..Have you had enough surprised for one night?"

"I’ve never have enough with you around I don’t think you know how much you being here with me brings me joy and smiles to my face."

I just smiled. Darren and I laid down on the bed holding one another. I felt safe when Darren’s arms were tightly bound around my waist. I think he knew that too.

"You going to miss it?"

I turned around in the bed so I could face Darren his arms still around my waist tightly.

"Miss what Dare?"

"I don’t know…Skating.. Chicago… Everything you know?"

"Darren for the longest time I thought that skating was all I knew. Meeting you has changed all that for me. Of Course I’ll miss it all but in the end I had to follow my heart and right now skating is just not part of who I am… you are apart of who I am now."

Darren brought me in for a kiss. We continued that for a couple of minutes. Finally after a while I set my head on his chest and fell asleep. As I slept I found myself dreaming of my future with him. I wouldn’t change that for the world.